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January 2018. Agadir, Morocco

Wishing more than anything that I could have started this new year he same way I did last. A week in the Moroccan sun with one of my best friends. This was the holiday that made me realise that for me all I want in life is pure happiness.

We walked into TUI on the Monday and flew off on the Thursday. £420 pounds each for a week all inclusive in the sun at the Kenzi Europa, Agadir.

I would highly recommend anyone who likes January holidays to visit Agadir. It is a lot quieter than Marrakech, but that adds to the beauty even more, with January not being in season for tourists it enabled us to live in the true Moroccan culture for a week.

Below are some of my favourite pictures from the trip. Please do ask any questions 🙂

Paige x

Dear Paige,

Have you ever written yourself a letter? And then opened it a year or two down the line? I had never even thought of it until last January, I was in such a place of what felt like pure happiness that I wanted to capture my feelings in its true form. I highly suggest it to anyone. I am yet to open it yet, but know that it will be motivational and eye-opening to read.

Let me know

Paige x


It’s the 4th Feb and so far 2019 has not been the best for me. I am half way through my final year in university considering taking a year out. 2018 was a memorable year and I want to share what I managed to get up to whilst still finishing the 2nd year with a 2:1. Last year I travelled within 3 different continents and .even though my overdraft is maxed out, I wouldn’t change it at all.

I hope that I can relive 2018 through this blog, re-immersing myself into all the beautiful countries I visited.

I hope you enjoy 🙂

Paige x